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Industry Executives launch new hospitality consulting company

Hospitality industry veterans Anouska Biswas and Nathan Crisp announced today the launch of Yonder Associates, a hospitality consulting firm specializing in expert advisory on revenue management optimization, sales lead generation, distribution, hospitality finance, and hands-on operational implementation including pre-opening or re-opening critical path guidance as well as management company and brand flag changes.

With over 40 years of Hotel/Resort and Food/Beverage experience, Yonder provides a vast array of consulting services and expert guidance across all hotel segments from economy to luxury, suburban to resort.

“We have collectively lived it, built it, scaled it, and now we are ready to do the same for you,” said Anouska Biswas, Partner/Co-Founder, Yonder Associates. “We will assist our hotel owners and operator partners in developing fresh ideas and solutions for the challenges that have emerged due to the quickly changing landscape of the hospitality industry.”

The Yonder team brings a keen eye to hotels at a time when guests and owner/operators need it most. "When we embarked on our journey, we wanted to elevate and support an industry we both love,” said Nathan Crisp, Partner/Co-Founder, Yonder Associates. “Our unique exposure to different markets, segments, and numerous methodologies allows us to offer a unique and fresh perspective enabling our clients to advance their asset and business to the next level,”

The goal is to elevate our partners further into the great yonder, maximize their returns, and increase their profitability.

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