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In the beginning... Why we started Yonder Associates.

As our first blog post we thought it would be appropriate to answer the question “Why?” Why are we starting Yonder Associates? We asked our two founders and this is what they had to say.

Nathan: I have been in the hospitality and travel space for well over two decades, I started in airlines and then fell into hotels. As with many other entrepreneurs one of the things that attract people to start their own companies is freedom and independence. Owning your own business means being your own boss, deciding when you work, how you work, and what you work on. Of course, business owners still need to cater to market demand. But when you become the business owner, you choose how to do that. It gives you greater autonomy. This was one of the drivers for me but more importantly was helping others and improving the hospitality industry. I want to bring my years of experience to those that may not have been in the business as long as I have or been able to experience what works and doesn’t work. No existing company does everything right and I want to help companies and businesses identify issues and quickly create solutions given my background. It is in my nature to be solution oriented and there are many things which I may have already solved but humbly know there are many more issues to solve in our industry today.

Anouska: I serendipitously fell into Hospitality over 22 years ago, specifically luxury Hotel brands. There is something about this space that makes the financials more of a clear visual story of what is really going on in the business, much more interactive & even more gratifying when you can see the real changes (through your P&L) in the actions you have taken to improve your business. Working with so many strong brands like Renaissance, Jumeirah, Equinox Hotels, and high-end restaurant Groups, has given me deep technical expertise in maneuvering through the Operations of Hotels & how to increase the bottom line through strategic and transparent planning. I have approached every Hotel project with a fresh set of eyes & intuitive perspective on how to streamline the operations, gauge against the comp set, and find creative and fun ways to engage the team to be a part of the financial process. When the leaders of the operation are a part of the building & maintaining of the numbers, there is a direct result in the bottom line. My passions reside in helping companies & businesses lay a strong foundation for their financials (through accurate reporting & transparency), to help them gain investor confidence, so they can then continue to thrive & make their mark in the Hospitality world.

What is the mission of Yonder Associates?

We have the technical abilities that many individuals may not have within the hospitality industry and a vision for end result with a strong understanding of how to achieve that vision. We want to help companies get on a solid foundation to set them up for growth and success. Provide them guidance and resources to scale their business and to be competitive within their markets.

Ultimately, we want to maximize the full potential of your hotel and/or company.

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